Interpol - No I In Threesome

It's quite unusual to have American indie-rock band that sounds too European - especially their music arrangements and Paul Banks's vocals - who sounded quite similar like Ian Curtis (vocalist of Joy Division). Well it doesn't really matter and Interpol definitely has its own way of being different.

Paolo Nutini Folk-pop Guy

When i first listened to Paolo Nutini, he sounded like a 30 -years-old- guy to me resembles to voices like Dave Matthews and Bob Dylan but with a very strong Italian accent. By the way, he's a very young talented guy from UK with a very 'folk-style' voice. Live performances of his surely deserve to be complimented especially on his accoustic guitar performance.

Last Request

Goldfrapp - Human

I've read the updates about Goldfrapp's Human video clips from Cliptip but sadly I couldn't stream the video from the site.

Here's the link:

Mars Volta - Vermicide

What does 'Vermicide' means? It's actually a worm-killing medicine. I pretty unsure what the word actually means in this whole song.

This song has a powerful guitar rifts and effects (you, guitars pros - help me on this!)plus multiple voice reverts if you listen carefully to the studio version. In this live performance at Troubadour, L.A., I can say it has no differences than the studio version, but the Mars Volta has omitted some lines from the enraging chorus - of course, plus the vocals impact by high-pitched lead vocalist - Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

Anyways, it still sounds great as ever. Such a powerful chorus - "Mark the!" "Venom!" has put the fans gone wild!

Guster - Ramona (Live Performances)

Guster - Boston based alternative rock band performance in Philadelphia on March 3rd, 2007.

Snow Patrol - Signal Fire

This song is heard during the end credits of the Spider-man 3 movie. They are Snow Patrol - a Scottish based alternative band.

Travis - Closer (Including Scottish Skirt kudo)

Watch Francis Healy (lead vocalist) wearing a Big Bear mascot in this latest single "Closer" from the album - The Boy with No Name.


Most requested by fans, Travis performed a cover track of Britney's "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Yeah, Francis is not from Glasgow. He's British and he's wearing Scottish dress in this old clip - Why Does It Always Rain On Me from the 1999 album - The Man Who.

Blue October - Into the Ocean

I just love this song. Suits the theme and the song title. Plus nice music arrangements (especially in the vocals). Lots of drum loops involved.

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

Latest single from their new upcoming album - Year Zero; live at Barcenola, Spain.

Exerpts from this clip:

"Our latest album is coming out for real this April, you could steal it or anything.." - Trent Razor.

Their latest album - Year Zero coming out on 17.04.2007.