Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

Latest single from their new upcoming album - Year Zero; live at Barcenola, Spain.

Exerpts from this clip:

"Our latest album is coming out for real this April, you could steal it or anything.." - Trent Razor.

Their latest album - Year Zero coming out on 17.04.2007.

Kenna - Freetime

The feet that could tell you a story. FYI, Kenna will be releasing his latest album soon this year. Keep track with his latest updates here.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia

Fascinated by the music video of Muse's latest single. Nice layout and storyline - depicting the era of Cowboys from the other dimension. Directed by Joseph Kahn - Good Job!

Jimi Hendrix - Wild Thing

He treats his guitar as one of his own parts of body.
This man had inspired artistes like Lenny Kravitz and others.
Ain't no man like Jimi Hendrix - The Man Who Changed The World of Rock
He had made many people immerse into the spirit of rock.

Link - The Jimi Hendrix Music