Incubus - Anna Molly

Meet my new alternative & rock idol - Brandon Boyd from Incubus. He has an extremely good vocal-abilities. Different from other rock bands.

Playgirl - Ladytron

Currently, I'm listening albums of this electroclash group - Ladytron.

"Unlike many electronic artists, Ladytron avoid using sampling in their shows, instead playing everything live, using synthesizers; in this they are similar to The Human League, from whom they have taken inspiration and progressed it with their own somewhat deadpan vision." - Wikipedia

Sophia - Nerina Pallot

The fire in this MTV really works well in this beautiful song.

Hell Bent

Great music video clip of Kenna's Hell Bent

del 9 - jacknuggeted

Interesting music video with Golf Ball Head and other aura stuffs.

del 9 - jacknuggeted

via ze's page

JeJones - Phasoracid

Latest single released on September 2006 by JeJones.

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Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush on The Henry Rollins Show

Live performances of Thom Yorke's track 'Cymbal Rush' from his latest solo album - "The Eraser".

M.Ward - Chinese Translation

Excellent Animation & Music.

More info: M. Ward

Radio Gang 5-Mins Talk Show - Episode #000001

Today's headlines:

Music revolution as firms allows free downloads.

Asian News: Photo incidents that cause furor to about 100 HK celebrities.

The Independent Online Edition

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Human beatbox - The inspiration

Beatbox mixer - a group of world's most excellent beatboxers joining hands together to promote beatboxing as a music-playing deep within our souls and a serious music career as well. Let the beatboxing music begins!!!

You can mix your own beatboxing sounds from those beatboxers and save it in music gallery. Enjoy! Click the picture above to begin.

Bittersweet Symphony cover

This is my all time favourite track in the alternative genre - Bittersweet Symphony.
It was actually a excellent collabration between former Verve's vocalist Richard Ashcroft and The Rolling stones members.

As usual, you can listen to JeJones live performance on this track.

Supermassive Black Hole

Watch the original video of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole from their debut album - Black Holes and Revelations.

Listen to JeJones cover track performance of this song.